Booking Terms & Conditions

Cancellations and Credit Notes-

There are no refunds of booking deposits for any reason. This also applies to if you are receiving a credit note,  if your booking is cancelled your credit note will be for any payments you have made less your deposit.

If your event is postponed, we will allow one date change free of charge  (if not already taken by another client) if for any reason you want to cancel your booking, all bookings cancelled by yourself and not cancelled by The Thirsty Horse will be made into a credit note for future use. Credit notes are able to be on sold by you to others but it is their responsibility to check if dates are available first. These bookings must be made within 1 year for credit note to apply. The total cost of your booking deposit, regardless of amount, does not play a role in this term & condition. Regardless of circumstances, we do not refund booking deposits or total/full amounts paid for any reason. If you have already had a date change free of charge then you will not have the option of a credit note.

Due to high demand in the events industry we cannot allow multiple date changes (Without charging a fee) and then also give a credit note as we cannot risk our business being at a loss due to events out of our control (conditions may apply)

From time to time, our bars bar undergo maintenance (due to updating style or because of damage), this may include paint jobs, or change of style. If for any reason you do not like how your chosen bar looks after you have already made your booking, this does not change our terms and conditions policy. If you choose to cancel your booking, any payments made will be put into a credit note, deposits are not refunded or credited.

The Thirsty Horse team reserves the right to have a final say in this matter. Any aggression towards our staff in regards to your bookings will not be tolerated and bookings risk automatic cancellation.


Reschedule Fee–

If you are wanting to reschedule as above, we allow one date change free of charge. (due to the current covid conditions) As you can understand, we cannot keep changing the dates multiple times without charging a reschedule fee as we have overheads, staff and also losses on bookings if we don’t have enough time to rebook your date. Also, a date change can only be permitted on bookings that have been fully paid. Please note- if your wanting to change the date (we understand with covid its hard and last minute restrictions) but we need to have a months notice, as you can understand we have staff we need to notify and enquiries always incoming so we cant hold 2 dates and miss out on other potential bookings. If you wish to change the date more than once, we will charge you a reschedule and rebooking fee of min $400 which will be payable at the time of locking in the new date (if not already booked by another client)



If your booking has been effected due to a covid restriction we will endeavor to help you the best we can. Unfortunately if there is a restriction in place we have to abide by NSW Health orders. If this means there is a cap on numbers or for some reason the event cannot go ahead we will offer one date change free of charge (if you haven't already had one) OR a credit note (can be on sold or gifted) 

We will not risk our business or staff receiving a fine or breeching covid rules for your booking no matter what the event is.

As above- if your booking is cancelled due to Covid you will receive a credit note. There will not be a refund for any reason.

Final Payments-

As we offer payment arrangements with goodwill, you will need to confirm with The Thirsty Horse what dates payments will be made by you and what the min payment amount will be. Final payment for your event needs to be paid in full no later than one month before your booking. If no contact is made/if we are unable to contact you or if you finalize your last payment less than a month out from your booking, your booking may receive a late fee or be at risk of automatic cancellation.

Parking at the location/venue-

We will do our very best to park in the spot you are wanting for your event, if the staff at the event do not think its safe eg. we could get bogged, then its up to the driver where they will park the bar. As you can imagine the bar can be quite heavy with a full fridge etc and we will need a sturdy flat area otherwise drinks may slide off the bar, parking on an angle can also cause the fridge to not cool down as it should and you wouldn’t want warm drinks.

       Cleaning Fee/Cancellation of bar service at the event-             As we must abide by our Liquor License and RSA regulations,               The Thirsty Horse is the only location in which guests are able to obtain drinks, if staff see guests walking around with alcoholic drinks which the bar is not serving, we reserve the right to pack up and leave the venue. Also in the case that The Thirsty Horse bar staff are rudely spoken to or the bar itself is not treated with respect eg, bottles/cans being left on the wheel arch, then again we reserve the right to leave on the spot. If the bar has found to have received damage from your event eg, guests spilling drinks over the bar, picking at the bark on the bars, you may receive a cleaning fee. As our bars are our pride and joy, anyone found to be disrespecting them will be refused service.

*At the time of booking these Terms and Conditions need to be read and agreed to on your booking form before we can lock in your date*